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Sprouted Wheat Pain Au Levain (Bread Revolution)

19 Nov

DSC_0002This is my third attempt of the Pain Au Levain formula from Peter Reinhart’s new book “Bread Revolution”.

The first 2 did not come out correctly.  I now suspect the main culprit was that I did not dry out the sprouted winter wheat berries enough and the flour was too moist.  This time I let it dry out using a fan for a day and half and the bread came out much better.


I used my AP starter and did not add any yeast.  I also let the bulk dough rise for a bit in my proofer set at 80 degrees before refrigerating.  The next day I let it sit out for an hour before shaping and proofing at 80 degrees for around 3 hours.


I did not achieve much oven spring but the crumb is nice and moist and not gummy like the last bake.

This tastes like nothing I have baked ever before.  The sprouted grains really do add such a unique flavor.  I can’t wait to start experimenting with different sprouted grains when I return from my annual pilgrimage to North Carolina for Thanks Giving.

Happy Holidays to everyone.