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Turkey Meatball Balsamic Calzone

7 Nov

MainThe other night for dinner I decided to use the left-over pizza dough I made last week and make some calzones.  The pizza dough is similar to my normal one using mostly type 00 Caputo flour mixed with about 10% whole wheat.  I ran out of Caputo so I actually used around 20% Caputo along with some AP flour, potato flour and whole wheat and I added some Asiago cheese just for the fun of it.



The dough actually made some great pizza and was still nice and extensible after sitting in the freezer for a week.

I made some turkey meatballs using ground turkey, Panko Chili bread crumbs, greek yogurt, dried oregano, onions, fresh chopped garlic, onion powder, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and a couple of eggs.  I browned them on all sides in a large pan and covered them for a few minutes at the end to make sure they were cooked through.  Lastly I glazed them with some good balsamic vinegar and let it create a nice caramelized crust on the meatballs.

For the stuffing in the calzones I used the meatballs, fresh ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella and a little Asiago.

The end result was a whole lot of cheesy goodness!



Have a great weekend.


Ken Forkish–David Snyder Pizza–Pizza and Calzones

10 Jan

SliceCloseup I’ve been wanting to try the Ken Forkish style pizza dough ever since David Snyder on TFL posted about his great love for this formula and procedure here.  David changed some of the timing in the recipe to achieve the ultimate results.  I followed his directions pretty closely with the only thing I changed being I used my mixer on low speed for the initial mix and used some fresh milled white hard wheat flour in place of the WW he used.

I must say this was a very easy dough to shape and was fun to use and tasted great.  I will definitely use this one in the future.


I usually use my Pizza Kettle set-up on my Weber grill but since it’s been way too cold and snowy outside to grill anything I baked them in my oven using this method http://www.breadcetera.com where he suggested to put your pizza stone on the highest shelf of your oven and set your oven to broil.  The purpose of this is to get as much heat as possible to be retained by the stone.  I have to say it worked perfectly so give it a try!

I made 2 pizzas the first day with one being a fresh tomato and mozzarella marinated in balsamic vinegar with caramelized onions.  The second pizza was fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and home made turkey meatballs.




The second day I made some calzones using ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, baked cheesy chicken and parmesan cheese.  I must say the calzones dough ended up very sour compared to the pizza the nigh before, but tasted great.