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Sourdough Spelt Bialys with Caramelized Onions

3 Sep

  It’s been too long since I made some bialys.  Bialys seem to be the forgotten stepchild of bagels it seems :).  My original formula and procedure is here.

I decided to use around 28% freshly milled and sifted spelt flour along with First Clear flour in this bake.  I also use freshly caramelized onions instead of dehydrated onions and added some balsamic vinegar to finish them off.  I under-estimated how much onions to sub for the dehydrated and did not have enough for all the biayls so I used some shredded cheese instead.  Not a bad replacement if you ask me.

I also bulk fermented the dough instead of shaping the bialys and then refrigerating them.  Other than that you can follow along with the original instructions.  For the dough I bulk fermented after 3 rounds of S & F’s every 25 minutes and let the dough sit out at 78 degrees for 1.5 hours total.  The next day I took the dough out and let it sit for around 1.5 hours at 78 degrees, shaped them into balls, let them proof for 1.5 hours, shaped per original recipe and baked.

The fresh caramelized onions really added a nice sweet flavor to these and were worth trying.

Download the Formula here.