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Multi Grain Ricotta Rice Rolls

21 Jul

I wanted to make some nice soft rolls/buns that would be perfect for burgers and sandwiches.  I had some leftover wild rice pilaf I made the other day and this along with the ricotta cheese made for a tasty bread.

I used a little bit of freshly ground Kamut, rye and whole wheat flours combined with bread flour.  I have to say it turned out super soft and moist and tastes fantastic.  I highly recommend you try this one as you will not be disappointed.

Note: the water content from the ricotta cheese is about 72% and is not indicated in the hydration.  This was a pretty sticky dough as the water from the ricotta and also the moist rice really made a big difference. You want to make sure to hold some water back from the first mix and add it after the first autolyse to make sure you don’t end up over-hydrating the dough.

Here are the Zip files for the above BreadStorm files.

Levain Directions

Mix all the levain ingredients together  for about 1 minute and cover with plastic wrap.  Let it sit at room temperature for around 7-8 hours or until the starter has doubled.  I used my proofer set at 83 degrees and it took about 4 hours.   You can use it immediately in the final dough or let it sit in your refrigerator overnight.

 Main Dough Procedure

Mix the flours, ricotta cheese  and 3/4’s of the water for about 1 minute.  Let the rough dough sit for about 20 minutes to an hour.  Next add the levain, rice and salt and remainder of the water (see note at beginning of post), mix on low for 4 minutes.  You should end up with a cohesive dough that is slightly tacky but manageable.  Remove the dough from your bowl and place it in a lightly oiled bowl or work surface and do several stretch and folds.  Let it rest covered for 10-15 minutes and then do another stretch and fold.  Let it rest another 10-15 minutes and do one additional stretch and fold.  After a total of 1 – 1.5 hours place your covered bowl in the refrigerator and let it rest for 12 to 24 hours.  (Since I used my proofer I only let the dough sit out for 1 hours before refrigerating).

When you are ready to bake remove the bowl from the refrigerator and let it set out at room temperature still covered for 1 to 1.5 hours.  Remove the dough and divide into pieces approximately 135-150 grams depending on how big you want the rolls.  Place them on a baking sheet and cover with a slightly damp lint-free towel or use plastic wrap and spray with veggie spray.  Depending on the room temperature it should take 1 – 2 hours for them to rise about 1/3 in size.  Before baking use an egg wash if desired or if you want them even softer you can brush with some melted butter or milk.

Around 45 minutes before ready to bake, pre-heat your oven to 475 degrees F. and prepare it for steam.  I have a heavy-duty baking pan on the bottom rack of my oven with 1 baking stone on above the pan and one on the top shelf.  I pour 1 cup of boiling water in the pan right after I place the dough in the oven.

Lower the temperature to 440 degrees.  Bake for around 25 minutes until the crust is nice and brown and the internal temperature of the bread is 195 -200 degrees.

Take the rolls out of the oven when done and let them cool on a bakers rack before for at least 1 hour before eating, (I doubt you will resist, so go ahead and eat them nice and hot with some butter!).