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13 Nov

MainThis is the fourth recipe I have been asked to test from the upcoming Rye Bread baking book by Stan Ginsberg.  This one was much different than the first three.  It ended up being pretty simple to make and the final bread had a very tender crumb and soft crust with a nice mild tang to it.




This is definitely one I would make again.

I also baked my second attempt at the Sprouted Wheat Pain Au Levain from Peter Reinhart’s new book “Bread Revolution”.  I am really enjoying reading the book so far but unfortunately my first two attempts at this recipe did not come out correctly.  I am using my own sprouted flour and I think I didn’t let the sprouted berries dry enough which could have an effect on the final outcome of my dough.

The first attempt I let the dough over-proof and it had no oven rise and ended up being a door stop.  The second attempt below I thought I proofed it correctly but it may have been under-proofed.  It still had no oven rise to speak of and ended up with a very gummy crumb.  Both attempts were not really edible.  Once I stock up on some more wheat berries I will give this another go and hope for better results.



Stay tuned for the next 2 recipes from the Rye book soon.