Oat Porridge Bread from Tartine 3

10 May

MAINI have been wanting to try this recipe since I saw the post about it on the A Breaducation site here.


The crumb on his bake was nothing short of fantastic and looked like it would melt in your mouth.

I followed his directions mostly with a few exceptions.  I used my Bosch Universal mixer to mix up the dough for the most part except I did mix the salt in by hand.  I also held back around 25-30 grams of water in the final dough as I felt it was already more than hydrated enough which I believe was the right decision.  I used freshly ground whole wheat in the starter and in the main dough along with KAF bread flour.  I omitted the wheat germ like he did but next time I would definitely add it for some extra flavor.  I also baked this on my stone rather than in a covered dutch oven.

Since he used the dutch oven I think it did really help him get such a dark crust so maybe next time I will try that as well.


He let his dough bulk ferment for 4 hours and I only did it for 3 hours which was more than sufficient in my case.

In the end I am really happy with how this turned out.  The crumb is nice and open with a custard like feel and the bread tastes great.




For the next go around I would add more whole wheat flour and I’m also going to use the porridge method with some different grains.  I want to try and use the porridge method using my usual technique with a larger amount of starter and a cold bulk fermentation and see if I can get similar results.

Happy Baking and Happy Mother’s Day!












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