San Francisco Style Sourdough with Increased WW Part 2

2 May

MainThis is attempt number 2 with a new variation of my own for this great recipe from fellow TFL regular David Snyder.   The original from post from David is here.

My last attempt ended up pretty good but I over-proofed the loaf and and the dough stuck to my new basket.  The bread still tasted very good and I ate it all week long.


This time I wanted to try and use a cold bulk retardation instead of shaping the final dough and retarding the loaf in the refrigerator.  I followed the original instructions but when it was time to shape the dough I put it in the refrigerator.  The next morning I let it set in my proofer set to 70 degrees for 2 hours and then shaped and proofed for about 1.2 hours at 86 degrees.

The dough had great oven rise and I was pretty happy with the final result.  I do have to say it was not as sour as the original version and I still had some irregular holes which is not something I normally get with any of my bread.


All in all the bulk retardation method is worth a try but I think it is more sour the original way.

Happy Baking.




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