Multi-Grain Urbrot “Challenge Bread”

6 Oct

Final1Karen from Brot & Brad and the Fresh Loaf posted an exciting baking challenge to create a German style multi-grain rye bread called an Urbrot.  This was based on her recent trip to Germany while visiting Fredrick the Great’s Sanssouci.  Please read her excellent write-up on her travels and a recap of all the challenge bakes from fellow TFL members here.

I finally had some time to take up the challenge and decided to bake my version similar to a Bordinsky.  Please take a look at Varda’s (recipe here) from The Fresh Loaf website for the play by-play.

I did borrow from Janet’s recipe on the Fresh Loaf for my percentages and I followed her procedure for the Sour build.  In retrospect since I was using my AP starter to create the Sour I should have built it in 2 steps and not 1.  I had to wait around 8 hours for the Sour to activate and it still could have been more active for my taste.  Next time I would follow the multi-step build Varda included.

I’m not sure the bakers percentages are accurate in my formula below, but if you follow the ingredients list and amounts you will be fine.

The Harvest Grain blend mix from King Arthur flour includes the following ingredients: Whole oat berries, millet, rye flakes, wheat flakes, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. In addition to using this mix I added pecans, baked potato, almond flour, wild mushroom and sage olive oil and a bunch more whole grains.

I used dark rye flour from King Arthur Flour which they call Pumpernickel flour and just to make things interesting I added dehydrated onions to the sour mix and used coffee for part of the liquid.

All in all this came out excellent for this type of bread.  I am not sure how to describe the flavor profile but it was mildly sour and chock-full of flavor.





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